Company Profile

Since 2000, "MOUZAPP" is an European wide Interpretation and Translation office, specialised in African Languages.

The office employs over 450 professional freelancers from all parts of Africa. They are experienced interpreters and translators. Together we have a good command of the multitude of different writings, spoken languages and dialects of the giant African continent. This makes it possible for us, among others, to directly follow the constant change of language and dialect in a conversation. Additionally, our exact knowledge of the African mentality, is a decisive requirement in an interrogation and comparison of persons.

In the course of a trustful cooperation, MOUZAPP has been working for many years for the police and investigation departments, as well as for the justice, trade and industry. Translation of computer recorded magnetic bands belongs just as well to our scope of duties, likewise skilled knowledge on decoding and on African idioms.

We are very well intimated with the computer programs Merlin, Kridat, Taurus, Cue, Syborg and the MOD-System among others. References can be sent if desired.